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Mold Remediation Testimonials

This team is great! Inspected our room the same day we called (pure luck that they had an opening) and were able to schedule the mold removal and remediation for the following week.
They did an incredibly thorough job.
Would definitely use again.

I had mold form from frost over the winter in my cold cellar under my front concrete stoop. The young man that came was very professional, and the job he performed was excellent. He explained everything he would be doing and stuck to the task. He was working in a smaller space with his equipment and chemicals. He kept the door closed all the time to prevent mold spores from entering the rest of the house. I was very impressed on his thoughtfulness. He said he wasn't claustrophobic, ha. Thanks for a great job.

Easy to deal with and friendly. Happy with the service they provided and recommend to others.

These guys rock!  We had some water damage a while back and these guys did an excellent job cleaning it up!  They found the water in places I never even would have thought to check! .  They did awesome pulling up the flooring, drying out the sub floor and even were able to dry out the walls without ripping into the drywall.  They even showed me at the end via infrared camera that it was dry - giving me confidence mold would not grow where the water went!  highly recommend! 

I found a dark spot on the painted concrete basement wall after moving a bed that was up against it in a spare room. I wasn’t sure but thought it looked like mold discoloration.

A SERVPRO technician came out and used a small special vacuum to suck up the mold spores on the concrete area. He applied an antimicrobial spray and wiped off the rest. He suggested painting over the concrete spot and the rest of the area as a precaution with a paint that I could get at home improvement store.

He also told me a tip was to keep a small fan circulating the air in rooms that don’t see a lot of activity. Since mold is everywhere in the air, it settles & grows when temperature and other conditions are right- like nothing else moving in the room.

 No problems since and it’s been over a year!  I was also happy to see that he wore protective clothing and a face mask to do the work.

We were disappointed to see that mold spots had appeared on the inside rubber seal of the front loader washing machine after taking possession of our new home in Waterloo. The washer door had been accidently closed and had caused the mold to grow. We found out this is a common problem and after attempts to get rid of the smell and spots, we called SERVPRO. They used a hepa vacuum to suck up mold spores and then an antimicrobial cleaning solution to kill anything left and for prevention. The stain spots are still there but confident that the mold is gone. We have not had any other issues. Thank you SERVPRO for cleaning it up!

Alexander Hottle

Couldn't be happier with the work they did. Brett and his crew worked on our basement mold problem and he was always available to talk through the project as we went. He kept me in the loop and I always felt like I knew what was going on and what was next. His crew was top notch, always professional, and left the work space clean at the end of the day. Highly recommend!