What our Customers say...


I appreciated the fast and thorough clean-up. Also, I appreciated them covering the rest of the area that they needed to use to get in and out of the basement. I am very pleased with them and the work they did for us. 

I must commend you on the fine young men who did the cleaning. They were very professional and made sure I knew what they were doing and how they were going to do it. They were very personable and easy to talk with.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided us. We were extremely pleased and happy when we saw how much you were able to save and restore! You are the best, but hopefully, we will never need your wonderful service again!! :)

I had a devastating flood in my basement that basically condemned the whole room. SERVPRO came in and did a professional job. My insurance adjuster was not going to initially cover some of my expenses and SERVPRO staff explained that the damage was beyond repair and a hazard. I lOVE how they protected me and my property. Cleaning was quick and efficient. Great group of men!! I would recommend them to EVERYONE!

Very satisfied with all things performed on our Camper!

All the guys are absolutely fantastic! Evan and Chris were the best! Evan and Chris were excellent to work with: Knowledgeable, professionalism, yet personable (during the water loss at our home). 

A BIG thank you for cleaning the water damage in my basement! Evan, and his crew were out promptly the next day. They worked very hard, and all were courteous and pleasant. I think they all need a raise! $$$

I would definitely recommend to my family and friends. It was a pleasure to do business with office and crew.

Sincerely, Bonnie J. Sessler

Thank you for all your professional work and courtesy. (sewer / water issue from rain storm)

Bob & Bev 

SERVPRO was recommended by our insurance after we had a fire in our kitchen at our home. But I would have called them anyway because I had heard of their quality work! Scott, the owner, was quick in responding and came over for a walk through soon after our call. The SERVPRO crew were polite and courteous in our home. They were very good in removing the damaged items, including everything in the cupboards covered by soot. The painter and contractor were set up by SERVPRO, which was helpful and worked out awesome!

We would recommend SERVPRO in Waterloo because of their professionalism and cleanup work!

Dear SERVPRO folks, Thank you so much for cleaning our carpets and going the extra mile to get special cleaning fluid with out scent, etc. I did not get sick afterward ??               
I am grateful and appreciate DeParis’ superior cleaning effort and strong work effort. He was Terrific! Thank you DeParis!! The carpets look great!

Jennifer G. Cedar Falls

Thank you! We appreciate your high-quality service provided by your professional and friendly technicians.
(Sewer backup during weather storm)

-Janet and Larry Dellinger 

All I can say is WOW! From my first call into the office, the crews that came to my home were polite, reassuring, did a fabulous job in explaining what was going to happen each step of the restoration process, and were extremely professional!!! During a very overwhelming time, I appreciated them so much! highly recommend! 

Evan Meyer and his team (at SERVPRO of Black Hawk County) did a great job of helping us deal with some wet office areas during the last snow and ice melt.

We very much appreciate their quick response and great work.
Jim Mattson

Hello Brett. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the fast action taken when I had water damage in my apartment. That quick action, I feel, kept the damage to a minimum.

Sincerely, Betty 

I had a water loss in one of my properties, and I'm glad I called SERVPRO! Evan and his crew were true professionals and took care of what needed to be done. They made my life easier and gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended, and I will use them again if I'm ever in need of their services again!

We would like to thank everyone who has been patient and understanding this week as our office has been shut down. A special thank you to all who came to our rescue Monday morning and have continued to work around the clock in these cold temps to get our office cleaned up, especially SERVPRO of Black Hawk County and President of TechWorks Campus, Wes James.

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County does a great job. Very friendly staff, always great to work with and I am always happy with my carpets. I highly recommend them!

Maddie B. 

I just wanted to say thank you  for hosting a great Continuing Education (CE) Class. The location (Hawkeye Community College), class, food and speaker (Todd Davis) were fantastic. I look forward to a great continued partnership in the years to come.

Angela R, Insurance Agent

I really enjoyed working with Evan. All of the people who came to my home were very good at getting the job done.

Dear SERVPRO of Black Hawk County,

May I take this moment to say "Thank You" for a job well done!! Evan and DeParis were very professional and simply a joy to work with!

P.S. I will definitely refer my friends and family to SERVPRO in the future! Thanks again!

I had a good experience working with your team! Thank you!

I am so impressed with the level of professionalism we received from SERVPRO of Black Hawk County. It was just minutes after I called into them for a sewer back up into a tenants apartment. This tenant is a 90 year old that was devastated over the issue. The kindness of everyone from Paris the service tech to Brett Armfield the project manager that came out to introduce himself and make sure ever thing was getting done to my satisfaction. Not to forget Miss Nikki the office manager was on her game with getting all the paperwork I needed to get them set up. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

I was extremely happy working with SERVPRO of Black Hawk County and specifically project manager, Brett, during this difficult time for our family. Brett was very professional yet showed great compassion and care for us and went above and beyond his work during this circumstance.

I appreciate the specialized cleaning SERVPRO of Black Hawk County provided. I am completely satisfied and recommend their services!

Excellent service when my basement flooded. I was at work, but they kept me well informed about the entire process. They cleaned my carpets and brought then back looking like brand new. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

These guys rock!  We had some water damage a while back and these guys did an excellent job cleaning it up!  They found the water in places I never even would have thought to check! .  They did awesome pulling up the flooring, drying out the sub floor and even were able to dry out the walls without ripping into the drywall.  They even showed me at the end via infrared camera that it was dry - giving me confidence mold would not grow where the water went!  highly recommend! 

I found a dark spot on the painted concrete basement wall after moving a bed that was up against it in a spare room. I wasn’t sure but thought it looked like mold discoloration.

A SERVPRO technician came out and used a small special vacuum to suck up the mold spores on the concrete area. He applied an antimicrobial spray and wiped off the rest. He suggested painting over the concrete spot and the rest of the area as a precaution with a paint that I could get at home improvement store.

He also told me a tip was to keep a small fan circulating the air in rooms that don’t see a lot of activity. Since mold is everywhere in the air, it settles & grows when temperature and other conditions are right- like nothing else moving in the room.

 No problems since and it’s been over a year!  I was also happy to see that he wore protective clothing and a face mask to do the work.

Cleaned our basement after water damage & did an excellent job. Had them come back a few weeks later to do a carpet cleaning upstairs. Everyone we worked with was very professional and kind.

Everyone at SERVPRO is so friendly and professional! Even though I only had a small water leak in my office, they took the time to look over everything to determine if any hidden damage had been done. I was pleasantly surprised when they said no additional cleaning was necessary. The team at SERVPRO definitely doesn’t try to sell you something you don’t need, and they treat the small jobs as important as the big jobs. I would highly recommend contacting SERVPRO!

Everything went really well working with SERVPRO during our backup in the basement after the storm. We mainly worked with Brett and appreciated his communication and quick response to emails. The cleanup of the basement went smooth and SERVPRO even helped us move the file cabinets up on blocks to keep our documents safe in event of another problem.

Kristi F, Waterloo, Iowa

Thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated! (Commercial Water Loss)

SERVPRO cleaned up the soot and removed the smoke smell from our home after a fire. All of my clothes and shoes were professionally cleaned. At first, I was a little intimidated by all of the boxes, but they were very clearly labeled so I had an idea of what was in them. In all honesty, the house is much cleaner than it has been. You guys were extremely helpful and easy to work with.

I certainly will recommend people your direction.

Scott, Nicole, Lana, Jake, & Paris, What a TEAM!! You are awesome. You started things so our home can now be impressive again. Everything you touched sparkles and smells good after the fire smoke damage. If you need referrals from us, we can let people know how great you are.

Thank you, Sam & Cindy Dirksen

Our sincere thanks for the great clean-up job SERVPRO did in our condo while we were on vacation. Your crew were able to get all the glass and water removal after our windows were broken from the storm.

Thanks again.

Bob & Betty Hellman, Waterloo

Scott, Thanks again for coming during the storm and our flooding disaster! We again compliment DeParis and crew for doing a good job- they were so polite and worked so well together. It was a messy job (mud cleanup and removal, sanitizing our concrete floor). They worked to make us happy and clean again!

Mary Wells

We were disappointed to see that mold spots had appeared on the inside rubber seal of the front loader washing machine after taking possession of our new home in Waterloo. The washer door had been accidently closed and had caused the mold to grow. We found out this is a common problem and after attempts to get rid of the smell and spots, we called SERVPRO. They used a hepa vacuum to suck up mold spores and then an antimicrobial cleaning solution to kill anything left and for prevention. The stain spots are still there but confident that the mold is gone. We have not had any other issues. Thank you SERVPRO for cleaning it up!

Alexander Hottle

We are extremely pleased with the carpet cleaning that SERVPRO did for our Waterloo rental unit business. The carpets looked amazing and smelled wonderful! 

We are thankful for the flexibility SERVPRO had in booking the appointment due to our tenant moving out. They really bent over backwards to accommodate us when the new family moved in, especially when their cleaning crew was so busy already!

We suggest working with SERVPRO for carpet cleaning as property managers. Now we have learned what other jobs they could help us with if our unit were to have a line break and cause a water problem.

I wanted to let you know that DeParis did a phenomenal job on our carpets and furniture. I will be sure to refer SERVPRO to my clients and friends! Thanks!

We can't believe how you could bring our house back after the 'incident'. I was in Texas on business and felt completely comfortable with Scott and his team of Nicole, Lana, Jake, and DeParis finishing things up.

Our 4 dogs, the welcoming committee, didn't even bark in alarm when SERVPRO arrived each day since they knew them to not interfere, but to help revive our home and even pet them as they walk by.

An extra blessing was that every area the SERVPRO of Black Hawk County "Wonders" did their magic in, helped me to declutter after accumulating 40 years of stuff.

You are a breath of fresh air. Both my husband and I are amazed with them.

I had a water line break in my bathroom on a Saturday morning while I was gone ...and it flooded my house upstairs and down. After the initial freakout and not knowing what to do or who to call, SERVPRO popped into my head. I called the 1-800 number and gave my information to which she told me someone from the local branch would call me back shortly. Within the hour I received a callback and two people in a big truck showed up (on a Saturday afternoon) and got right to work cleaning up water, removing damaged carpet, removing wet ceiling tiles, etc.

That first day they were there for hours and all the while when I asked how I can help I was told that they have it under control and I can go relax (um, ok ??). By the time they left that night everything was sanitized and as dry as they could be with fans and dehumidifiers everywhere.

I was so impressed with the staff and the customer service that followed from Brett in the following days. They showed up every morning for over a week to do checks, remove damaged flooring, baseboards, bathroom vanity, etc. they took awesome care of my belongings that they removed, so much as putting a bedroom mattress in plastic before putting it in my garage.

I can't say enough for everyone that I encountered from SERVPRO for the peace of mind from the initial panic to me never having to wonder what was going on or what was next. Even up to the last day Brett made himself available to meet with myself and my insurance adjuster to go over the work that had been done. I'm so grateful for SERVPRO for everything they did for a girl in need and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!

Couldn't be happier with the work they did. Brett and his crew worked on our basement mold problem and he was always available to talk through the project as we went. He kept me in the loop and I always felt like I knew what was going on and what was next. His crew was top notch, always professional, and left the work space clean at the end of the day. Highly recommend!

The folks at SERVPRO, especially Brett, were an answer to our prayers.  When pipes burst in my grandma’s house and left a mess, Brett met us right away as it worked with our schedule since we were helping my grandma from out of town.

Brett and his crew were extremely empathetic and helpful coordinating services beyond their company scope.  They helped clean up all areas of the house and gave recommendations for other services we were going to need as well.

We could not have gotten through this disaster without Brett and the SERVPRO team. I can’t say how pleased we were with the service excellence we received and we are grateful for their help!

Thank, Thank, Thank, you!  

Jen G., Waterloo

Wonderful end to a pretty awful day before Christmas plumbing problem. The SERVPRO guys - Scott, Paris and Evan went out of their way to make everything clean and like new. We are so thankful and are recommending them to all our friends.

SERVPRO Carpet Cleaning is 5 STAR! Staff is friendly and professional & their service was very cost effective compared to other companies I called. My carpet looks new! Thank you!

Brent and SERVPRO did an awesome job cleaning up sewage that had backed up into my basement. He kept me well informed even though I worked the majority of the week. He also took multiple pictures and worked easily with my insurance. Amazing job!

SERVPRO did a great job and they were very courteous and respectful of our home.

Any time there's a fire it's extremely stressful. In our case we are an Internet business so our customers don't care if there's damage to our facility and the orders keep coming in. So shutting down was not an option for us.
Scott and the SERVPRO of Black Hawk County team responded to our fire within hours of the event early on a Saturday morning and worked through the weekend to ensure we would be operational on Monday. There was still a lot more work to do but the team was very respectful of our on-going operations and did their best to cause the least amount of disruption as they continued to clean the facility top to bottom removing fire debris, soot and smoke smell.
Today our building is exactly as it was before and our business barely missed a step during the entire process. That is beyond incredible given the scope of the clean-up effort. That early Saturday morning was easily the most challenging and stressful event our business has ever experienced. Scott Demuth and the SERVPRO team very quickly made it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County did an outstanding job cleaning up our basement after our water heater sprung a leak!! The employees were very polite and hard workers! Thank you SERVPRO for an outstanding job extracting the water and removing our carpet and wet drywall! I highly recommend your company to anyone in need of water damage clean up services! SERVPRO: that's what they do!! Thank you to Evan, Scott, Brett and their employees.

Brett and his team did a great job cleaning and drying out my basement after a sewer disaster. They were polite and although I was busy working the whole time, he kept me well informed. Thanks for doing a great job. I highly recommend them.

Thanks for all your help with our house having a "disaster" and being far away is stressful. Knowing your were there to help us and everyone through the time consuming mess, clean up and repair was awesome. We appreciate all you do!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Wanted to let everyone know that I was very impressed with your guys who worked on the basement!! They were hard working, polite and very professional! It has been a pleasure to work with SERVPRO.

The staff was very helpful and empathetic to my situation and made this bad experience into a good one!

Thank you very much! When asked the question what recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO Franchise improve its performance in the future? Response was "How do you perfect perfection!"

Want to thank you for the wonderful Job on the carpet cleaning! We really appreciate you coming so fast and the great job! We really liked the detailed note of what was done. You will be highly recommended to friends and family. Thanks.

I would highly recommend you and your contractors. You all did a wonderful Job and I am very happy with my bathroom. Thanks Again!

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the excellent work and customer service we received. We were really at a loss when it came to the smoke damage and how to even begin the cleanup process. Your experienced staffs were so helpful, knowledgeable and detailed orientated. They really put our minds at ease. From taking care of phone calls for us, to picking up or dry-cleaning and delivering it personally, your company exceeded every expectation we had. Thank you!

Thank you very much for taking care of the water damage and experience. I appreciated you very much!