Recent Before & After Photos

Water pooling in Basement

Luckily this basement is unfinished so we just had to dry the cement flooring. Even if your basement is unfinished it is important to extract it and keep it dry... READ MORE

Fire in the Bathroom.

Not many will expect a fire to start in a bathroom but this bathroom vent malfunctioned and smoke instantly covered the room. The ceiling had to be removed and ... READ MORE

Red candle wax falls on carpet.

A friend of one of the production managers reached out to him to help get rid of a carpet stain. He was so proud to know exactly what to do to make it "Like it ... READ MORE

Mold in Small Attic

This attic had mold growth along the walls and underneath the carpets. This attic was moist so we used a dehumidifier to take out the moisture in the air. We re... READ MORE

From Dull to Shine, BYE SOOT!

This vessel went through a very noteworthy restoration! After a fire, we sometimes bring many items to our warehouse where we go through the cleaning and restor... READ MORE

Home suffers fire damage in Waterloo, IA

This is the living room area after a fire. The entire home suffered major fire damage. This home seems almost like a total loss but we are the leading restorati... READ MORE

Carpet was so clean, we shocked ourselves.

Our production crew could not stop raving about this carpet cleaning! Taylor who usually works on fire and water damage was totally impressed by how our main ca... READ MORE

Cleaning Nicotine Stains off of Carpet.

Regular smoking inside the home can cause nicotine stains on the walls and even the carpet. The homeowners thought they would have to pull out the carpet but lu... READ MORE

Working Under the Weather, Literally.

Iowa weather can be tricky at times. We have long winters, very hot summers, and a short spring and fall. In January, we were able to help another franchise in ... READ MORE

Air Dryers Dry Basement Fast

Did you know that water leaks can come from your appliances too? A washing machine on the main floor affected the kitchen, laundry room, and made its way down t... READ MORE