Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage on Ceiling

This ceiling had some water damage that promoted some mold growth. The porous material of the ceiling had to be removed to ventilate the ceiling, dry it, and cl... READ MORE

Mold on Basement Stone Walls

This older home in Waterloo, IA has a stone wall basement. Over time, the foundation of your home may shift and cause cracks that lead to water creeping into yo... READ MORE

Water in Utility room

Heavy rains and high water tables resulted in water damage in homes in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and La Porte. We were able to assist this home by extracting water... READ MORE

Dining Room Covered in Soot

Smoke penetrated this dining room with smoke odor and soot on every surface. We restore after fires by cleaning contents, removing odors, removing unsalvageable... READ MORE

Water in Basement

Water can seep through the foundation of your basement. Over time, the foundation of your home can shift causing cracks that water can get through. If it's rain... READ MORE

Water in the Laundry Room

This laundry room experiences some water damage due to the washer machine. Inspect the hoses of your washer machine for water leaks and make sure they're on the... READ MORE

Northeast Iowa Food Bank - Food Rescue

We thought it would be great to share a Before and After of our transit truck during our Food Rescue outreach. We were able to fill this truck up after going to... READ MORE

Water pooling in Basement

Luckily this basement is unfinished so we just had to dry the cement flooring. Even if your basement is unfinished it is important to extract it and keep it dry... READ MORE

Fire in the Bathroom.

Not many will expect a fire to start in a bathroom but this bathroom vent malfunctioned and smoke instantly covered the room. The ceiling had to be removed and ... READ MORE

Red candle wax falls on carpet.

A friend of one of the production managers reached out to him to help get rid of a carpet stain. He was so proud to know exactly what to do to make it "Like it ... READ MORE