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Back In Business!

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

photo of set equipment with water logo overtop and SERVPRO logo Water cleanup and restoration is one of our specialties!

The refrigerator… A wonderful creation, it keeps your food fresh and your beverages cold. It seems as though your fridge could do no wrong.

A commercial business that we are doing a job for begs to differ! When a fridge waterline broke in their office, water leaked for several hours. All through the office and down into the basement - there was water damage.

SERVPRO is here to help in situations like this and we will get you back in business!


Our team had to extract all the affected areas to get this commercial business out from underwater. The trim was pulled and equipment was set to get the drying process into action!


Daily readings are taken to ensure that things are beginning to dry. Not even 24 hours later and our team had made great progress on the drying process.

Later in the week, most of the rooms were reading dry. To learn more about this process, you can read our blog on wet checks! There was still one room showing moisture, so equipment was moved around to attack that area.

On the next visit, our team was able to pull all equipment, and our Construction Manager reinstalled the baseboards finishing the job off!


Our certified technicians are highly educated, and with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, they will get you back in business!

Call SERVPRO today at 319.268.1521

Looking Back- The 2020 Derecho

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

blown over metal buildings with SEVRPRO logo and words "looking back" A reminder of how important preparedness is, even when things are least expected!

It’s been just short of 2 years since the derecho came tearing through Iowa, in August of 2020. This was a tough time in more ways than one. With COVID-19 still very fresh and new, our communities now had to face one of the biggest natural disasters to date. Winds estimated at 110-120 mph caused damage resulting in a projected $11 billion dollars.

When this season of severe weather rolls around each year, this memory reminds us that we need to have a plan. Now that the dust has settled, for the most part, we’re looking back on this devastating event and reflecting on some important takeaways.


We have seen it happen once; it can happen again. Maybe not a derecho (hopefully), but tornadoes and other disasters can come knocking. It is vital to have an emergency-ready plan in place. Even more importantly, make sure you teach your children what to do when something like this occurs. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of possible solutions or plans:

  • Where will you go to seek shelter?
  • What necessary items should you grab in the event of dangerous weather?
  • Do you have an emergency-ready kit?
  • Where is your first aid kit located?
  • What will you use as protection in the event you need to cover yourself from flying debris?
  • If you are in a vehicle and need to seek shelter, what should your plan of attack look like?

These are just a few points to get your wheels turning. Use your resources and make sure that your plan is documented somewhere! It is good to have easy access to help you in stressful situations, as well as for your kids to utilize!


Another thing we learned from this catastrophe, was there really is no mess too big for SERVPRO. We often consider ourselves SERVPRO strong, and this is because SERVPROs across the nation are non-competing. In times of distress or large losses, we band together and compile resources to get the job done and be there for our communities. SERVPRO has storm teams on standby who are at the ready for situations such as the 2020 Derecho.


For 250 miles the derecho stretched across land, leaving a lot of damage in its path. look at your homeowners, or renters’ insurance and confirm that you are protected under any future events that could lead to potential damage. When disaster strikes, it creates enough distress on its own. Not having coverage on your home can result in even more chaos, as repairing the damage will have to come out of your pocket.

While we hope and pray that nothing like this ever takes place again, we can only control how we prepare and react when the universe has a mind of its own. SERVPRO is dedicated to helping our communities and by sharing preventative and proactive measures, we get one step closer!  

Is Your Landscaping Causing Water Damage?

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

Diagram of swale with SERVPRO logo Swale to the rescue!

Landscaping around your home is a beautiful thing! … or is it?!

Yes, indeed it can be beautiful, however, there are some things to consider when landscaping that may have lasting effects on your home.

What many people do not know is that depending on the area, position, and path of your landscaping, there may be factors that are causing water to seep into your home or basement. When bushes or shrubs are too close to the home, it can cause serious leaks from the draining of that tree or plant running into the side of your home.

Some preventative measures to keep your home looking beautiful:


A swale is a depression that is created at the bottom of a slope to direct water away from your home when landscaping. Think of this as a trench of sorts. Building a swale into your landscaping is a great way to prevent future water damage. Just be sure that they are allowed in your area and carefully determine the position.

Find more on how to create a swale here:


Creating an area in your yard that serves as a place for access water to pool is a great way to minimize damage to your home. For a rain garden, you want to choose the lowest point of your yard and make sure it is at least 10 feet away from your hose. You will want to pick plants that require high moisture levels for this project.


Another wonderful and fairly simple way to protect your home is to lay down mulch in your landscaping area. There is, however, a few caveats with this. You want to make sure that you choose a heavy mulch that will obstruct the flow of fast-moving water. Lay the mulch at least 6 inches away from the siding of your home, this will help prevent any rotting on your exterior!

There are other ways to use landscaping to your advantage when it comes to home protection. When planting, use your resources, and of course, if you happen to get any unwanted water in your home, call SERVPRO of Black Hawk County! Happy planting!

So, You Think You Have Water Damage?

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

Ceiling with water and mold damage watermarked with SERVPRO logo If your ceiling looks like this, your next phone call needs to be to SERVPRO of Black Hawk County!

It's common that with water damage come signs that let you know something is not quite right. Why would you seek out this damage, you may ask? Let us tell you!


When it comes to possible water damages, whether you can see it or not, you need to take action. Water damages can cause severe problems to your homes structure and worse yet, can cause health effects. High moisture levels can lead to bacteria growth in your home.


Now that you know the importance of why taking care of water damage properly is so crucial, lets talk about what you should look for.

First thing to look for are dark or wet spots, typically on your walls, ceilings, or floors. Many times, water will cause discoloration in certain areas. Secondly, search for any areas that seem to be cracking, flaking off, or bubbling. If you suspect there is something off, you can also listen for any running water sounds.

Using your other senses, take a whiff! If you smell musty, damp, or moldy odor, this can also be an indicator of water damage.


Depending on if there is current water still seeping from somewhere in your home, you may want to find your water shutoff to prevent further damage.

Once water damage has been determined, one of your first calls should be to your insurance company. Directly following call SERVPRO. Our licensed professionals will get your taken care of and ensure that everything is properly dried and no mold growth has presented itself.

SAVE $$$

Knowing the signs of water damage not only makes your more educated when it comes to maintenance in your home, but it also can save you a lot of money in the long run if you can see the signs right away by preventing further damage.

If you think you see any signs of water damage in your home or business…Call SERVPRO of Black Hawk County today! We are here to help!

An Electric Take on Storm Safety

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Graphic about lightning with purple backround and SERVPRO logo A shocking fact!

When the skies get dark and you see a storm rolling in, it is easy to think about the possible safety hazards that come with it. I know where my mind goes when I first hear about storms in the forecast and the possibility of injuries or other scary situations. I think of tornadoes, or heavy winds that can cause a lot of damages. These things sure are frightening, but did you know that you should be extra cautious of lightning?


According to the Red Cross, lighting causes more deaths a year than tornadoes or hurricanes. That is why it is so important to know about not just storm safety, but precautions when it comes to lighting. When storms are in action, lighting Is almost a guarantee. Here are some things that you can do to help keep yourself safe from becoming a statistic!

  • Prevent going outside when lighting or thunderstorms are in your area
  • Stay off computers and other equipment that is hooked up to electricity
  • Stay away from doors, windows, or other open areas such as porches


  • Do not go onto elevated surfaces: hills, mountains, etc.
  • Never lie flat on the ground
  • Stay away from ALL metal objects or objects that conduct electricity

When it comes to your safety, it costs nothing to take precautions and use these preventative tips.


If you are injured during a storm, we will leave that to the medical professionals. If your home is impacted due to severe storms, that is where SERVPRO can step in and make your life a little easier! Call SERVPRO today if you have experienced storm damage to your home or business!


Seeing is believing! Sewer Backup Catastrophe

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Snaking equiptment Service your drains to prevent a catastrophe!

Touring SERVPRO work sites is very beneficial in discovering what it takes to cleanup and restore.
When I took the field trip to a job that focused on sewer backup cleaning, I never imagined the impact it would leave on me! It is often said, putting yourself into another person’s shoes-situation-can help you understand what they are going through.

At this site, SEEING WAS BELIEVING! The basement I visited looked almost exact to my own. The washer and dryer, furnace and water heater were all located near the ‘drain pit’. It is this pit where not only the water from outside tiling flows in, but where my shower, washer and the furnace drain tube empty into. It is also this drain pit where sewer backs up and enters your home when a clog develops! Weather, like excessive rain, can sometimes trigger the backup.

Running Slow?
If a drain is running slow or clogged, it will ‘show itself’ in a horrible way. Consider a few maintenance steps to put off a catastrophe. I made a call to a plumber and inquired on what I needed to do to prevent sewer backup. Snaking is the act of running an auger like cable down the drain. It will push through physical clogs that chemicals can not break up. Once you have hit the blockage, it will be loosened to flow out, and the auger is brought back out. Sometimes pieces of the clog will come with it-and often is due to hair, debris and even tree roots.

ALL the WAY to the Street!
Ask your plumber to snake your drain pipes all the way to the street. Sometimes the blockage is loosened but not mined all the way through to the city sewer line, which runs underground in the street. Snaking the large cleanout pipe will provide more peace of mind. Be sure to run or flush with water for several minutes after the snaking. A bucket of water is helpful in the main drain.

Thankful and Educated
I’m glad I got to see what could have been, before it was! If you have experienced a backup by either sewer or water, call a plumber to open your drains. Then call SERVPRO of Black Hawk County to clean up what’s left behind. 319.268.1521

Being Part of Our CommUnity!

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Picture of BBQ fund jar full of coins Our SERVPRO BBQ fund!

Being part of something bigger than ourselves, including our own jobs, can make such a difference all around! I’ve read several places where the importance of wage is not the highest overall deciding factor in job search anymore. People want more of an experience & know they are making a difference.


SERVPRO is often asked to consider a monetary sponsorship. With so many great causes & possibilities, we consider the passions of the people who work for us when committing. Employees appreciate that we support areas of their life outside of work that matter. Examples include the Special Olympics- Polar Plunge, donations to the Humane Society, House of Hope, Northeast Iowa Food Bank, and school fairs. To support business networking, funds are extended to include educational events, golf outings, and realtor activities. We enjoy being part of a diverse collection of communities.


Natural connections in B2B make it easy to say YES when asked to volunteer. Staff is involved with the Red Cross activities including sitting on a community board and making & delivering cookies to first responders.

BBQ Social Jar:

Find a penny, pick it up, all day, have good luck…Crew Chief Mikey labeled a pickle jar and started filling it with loose change. This urged co-workers to throw in their 2 cents and fund a social BBQ for the team. Pooling together to celebrate working together feeds a feeling of unity.

Reel/Real Relationships:

Getting to know a person in a real way is encouraged at SERVPRO of Black Hawk County. In a REEL way / REAL Relationships is the foundation of our work.  Start by drawing a person in (reel) by asking good questions and listening. Adding personal content & sharing experiences establishes a friendship. Real relationships are developed when we take time to see people and put them first.  


When Scott, the boss, asks the employees for a + 1, he is referring to ONE extra step someone could do to make our service one step above the expected. He challenges everyone to find a particular way to make their day. When people experience more than they expect, a trickle effect happens and most often they will do something nice for someone else. What goes around, comes around! 

Joining together in a variety of ways, showing & extending care,
creates the Unity in CommUnity.

Sewer Backup, Not Part of the Phone Plan

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

graphic "sewer backup is calling" with SERVPRO logo What will you choose?

A call to a friend, check-ins with a loved one, a happy birthday message, a congratulations-- these are the kind of calls that we like to get in life. A call due to sewage backup is one of the least fun calls that a commercial business owner has to make. It is not fun for the owner, and while we are in the restoration business, we never want anyone to be going through a mess! We always work to prepare and prevent.


The SERVPRO crew worked on a job at a local phone store after sewage backup came ringing.

When these catastrophes arise, we understand how important it is to get the mess cleaned up so your commercial business can be back up and running with no stinky mess.

That is what we did for this local commercial phone store.

Our team ensured that the sewage was cleaned thoroughly. You might think that counts as a job well done, however, at SERVPRO of Black Hawk County, we thoroughly inspect to make sure there are no other damages. In this case, there was more to it. Along with the sewer backup, came significant water damage that required drying equipment.

The technicians on the job went back to check on the drying process throughout the process and even drilled some holes into the drywall to ensure that the moisture was completely addressed. When all the readings showed that the structure had been completely dried, the job was now done.


While some disasters are non-preventable there are ways to limit damage, and it is best to always be prepared in the event that they happen. Put SERVPRO’s number into your phone so as soon as that sewer backup comes ringing, we can be out there to address the problem at hand and minimize damage! 


Here to Help!

Keep Your Neighbors Safe on National BBQ Month

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Photo of outside of houses showing firepit with a line to a deck on fire The firepit and the neighbor's deck that caught fire

On National BBQ Month, SERVPRO would like to remind you to invite your neighbors over for the cookout, rather than bringing the flames to them.  

When it comes to safety and fire prevention, here at SERVPRO we have learned that precautions and prevention are not for just your own safety, they're also for your neighbors! We worked on a job where the fire damage to a house was caused by a neighbor's fire pit. Gusts of wind picked up debris from their fire pit and I think you can see where this is going. The neighbor's deck caught fire causing damage to a number of rooms and smoke odor throughout the home. They never thought that a 'harmless' fire pit fire could get so out of control and end up causing damage to a property that was not their own. 

The safety of you, your family, and your neighbors is something to take seriously! When you are having a BBQ, bonfire, or any other kind of open flame during this spring/summer season, we urge you to practice the fire safety that we all know but don't always practice. 

If you need a refresher on some important fire safety, here is a great resource: 

Expanding. Advancing. Moving Forward.

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Three small words, big meaning!

Our world is in a constant state of moving forward. No matter how much you want to slow down and stretch out each minute, the reality of it is--  we are always expanding, advancing, and moving forward. This is especially important in the world of marketing, branding, and even business as a whole. To be an industry leader, you've got to do more than just keep up, you need to be ahead of the game! Here at SERVPRO, we are ALWAYS trying to improve and bring fresh ideas to the table so we can continually serve our communities in the best, most efficient, and purposeful way!


Since the new year, you may have noticed the words under our roof logo have changed. They read: "Cleaning. Construction. Restoration". Along with our new verbiage, our color pallet, logos themselves, and other SERVPRO content were all rebranded to a fresh, new, clean, and exciting look. A process that Headquarters took years in advance to plan, there is no shortage of thought behind our new brand, but let's break it down. 


SERVPRO is committed to getting things CLEAN, and we have pretty much seen it all! Whether it's the space within your home or business that needs to be brought back to its former glory or contents that get detailed in our wonderful cleaning room after a fire or water loss. No matter what tough grime you need to tackle, SERVPRO will put in the work!


After disaster strikes, things often get torn apart so we can remediate the issue right down to the root of the problem. We never want our customers to be left in shambles, instead, we send in our Construction Manager, Dennis, and he puts things back together to make it "Like it never even happened."


One of the biggest things that we pride ourselves on is restoring. We aren't just restoring homes, we are restoring precious items, memories, and lives. After a catastrophe happens, we look at all parts of the puzzle when it comes to restoring. We want to get people back into their homes and businesses, so they can too, work on expanding, advancing, and moving forward. 

As we move forward you will see these new words on our branded materials, social media, and CE registration sheets. When you read them, we hope you remember the deeper meaning of these three words that signify our staff and services because we are so much bigger than just three words!