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Business of the Year 2021

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

All SERVPRO employees in house The faces of our wonderful SERVPRO team!

Moving forward in life’s aspirations can be fast and exciting! Pausing to take a look back is what keeps us grounded and even more appreciative. When we can see how decisions, along with hard work and determination, contributed to the success, we are mindful of the effort and people who were on this journey.

Grow Cedar Valley Business of the Year 

We are privileged to announce that SERVPRO of Black Hawk County has been awarded the Grow Cedar Valley Chamber Business of the Year, 2021. We are so proud that this award pays tribute to the owner, Scott & Libby Demuth, and all the employees who passionately & selflessly serve, helping people rebuild their lives after a catastrophe! THANK YOU SERVPRO TEAM FOR BEING EVERYDAY HEROES! 

Vital Substance or Vicious Villain?

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

Injecta-dry at work with tubes inserted into the ceiling Injecta-dry unit hooked up to multiple tubes that are helping dry out the ceiling!

Water… It’s a vital substance that all forms of life need in order to survive. Of course, we know that despite its great attributes, water can also be the reason for immense stress and mess (aka a villain). This job is the perfect example of how water can creep its way into your life, putting an extra think on your plate. Thankfully we have amazing equipment that can help us keep your home as intact as possible when water has a mind of its own. This equipment here is an injecta-dry unit. Our team set this up by drilling holes and putting these tubes up into the ceiling which then pushes air into the ceiling cavity and in turn, produces quicker drying time for the drywall as well as the subfloor from underneath. In this particular job, they were able to utilize multiple hoses in different areas all off of one air mover! The team provides special care and attention to detail when doing this. They are able to dry out the space rather than just coming in and saying that the ceiling needs to be torn out, which is a huge relief for our customers to hear!

If you find yourself in deep water, give us a call at (319) 268-1521 so we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Space Heaters- What you Need to Know

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Text in text bubble next to space heater with an orange backound Know the facts!

The leaves are beginning to change, the air is crisp, and trips to the pumpkin patch are just about in full swing. Fall is officially here and wrapping up in a blanket with a warm beverage is a great way to stay warm. Another tactic to stay cozy is using a space heater. Space heaters may be a great source in keeping you warm but they can also be the source of a fire if not properly used.

Get Cozy...Safely 

If you find yourself longing to warm up via space heater, follow these safety tips to ensure that your comfy, relaxing time doesn’t end up being a burning hot disaster!

  • Keep your heater 3 feet away from flammable objects
  • Set the heater on a level surface
  • Never leave it running unattended
  • Always plug your space heater into the wall -- NOT a power strip
  • Look for a safety-approved heater
  • Purchase a space heater with an automatic shut off
  • Make sure your fire alarms are working properly

There you have it! By following these tips, you are able to enjoy that nice warm flow of heat all while keeping yourself safe!

We know sometimes things still happen despite your best efforts, so if all things go astray, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Black Hawk County so we can get it back to "Like it never even happened."  

The Craft of Water Restoration

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

Injecta-dry at work on brown carpet Our Injecta-dry at work alongside Mike's careful construction!

Our technicians are highly trained and certified when it comes to cleaning up a water mess. What you can't always teach is the heart to go above and beyond as our techs do!

The Mess

When a faulty toilet tank float creates a waterfall in your bathroom and a river in your hallway making the home trail unpassable; you must carefully place every hose for drying out purposes of the Injecta-Dry, making a clear and safe pathway!

The Craftmanship

Our production technician, Mike showed his care & concern by being very proficient in his design. Removing baseboard and directing heat to dry out walls is crucial in making it “Like it never even happened."

We are so lucky to have a team that puts their heart into the job every day! 

We've got Brains, Heart, and Courage!

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

employees next to wizard of oz wall with yellow brick in backround Follow the yellow brick road!

OUR SERVPRO technicians have ALL the traits the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion were seeking. They come to work every day ready to put their brains, hearts, and courage to the test. A test they pass with flying colors!


SERVPRO of Black Hawk County’s technicians are highly trained and certified. They take their work seriously by making sure that they have the knowledge they need to mend people’s homes after a disaster. Their certifications are granted by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, also known as the IIRC, and through SERVPRO’s Employee Training Program (ECTP). Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT)
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT)


Restoring homes and cleaning up mess is not something that the faint of heart choose as their line of work. Everyone on our crew has the heart and caring nature to decide to get up every day and come help put people’s lives back together. As a business that is open 24/7, our techs have the task of working on holidays and around the clock in certain situations. Their hard work does not go unnoticed by us, or our customers. As stated in an online review, “I must commend you on the fine young men who did the cleaning. They were very professional and made sure I knew what they were doing and how they were going to do it. They were very personable and easy to talk with.”. We are always appreciative of the heart they put into their work.


Our team most certainly has the courage to tackle the mess life has become after a fire or water problem in your home or business.  Courage is made up of strength from within one’s self, and it is evident that SERVPRO employees have this characteristic as they care for each other.  The clean-up they perform can be physically and emotionally draining. We witness their courage each day to continue the process to make life "Like it never even happened," for our customers.

We’ll help you click your heels and get you back home. Call us for help.

SERVPRO 2021 Convention

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

Convention 2021- crowd in front of lighted up stage 2021 SERVPRO Convention

Last year the SERVPRO Annual Convention was moved to an all-online platform in the midst of COVID. This year, the convention took a Hybrid approach after the lasting effects of the pandemic. While these changes stemmed from trying to navigate in a world where our “normal” has been changing frequently, the outcome has been something that we have embraced.  


This year, our owners, Scott and Libby Demuth, took their family down to Orlando Florida where they got to fully submerge themselves into the buzz and excitement of all things convention. Getting to experience the lights, music, and time spent with other business owners is something that comes with a lot of advantages. Owner, Scott Demuth, says his favorite part of convention is “Networking with other owners on things that they are doing and meeting the vendors of our suppliers”.

Meanwhile, back at the office, we had the privilege of sitting in on a handful of the live presentations virtually. This Hybrid method really gave us the best of both worlds! We were able to hear from some great speakers all within the comfort of our desks, where we could easily absorb and take notes!

We are looking forward to seeing what next years Annual SERVPRO Convention has in store!

Property Managers, Look No Further!

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

Shelves of cleaners with text "Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned" We have our own chemist!

It’s that time of the year when college students are flocking back to Black Hawk Country to return to school. There are a few things that come with the return of students, especially college-age. Stores are preparing by stocking their shelves with college must-haves, the university is getting their buildings ready for students to begin learning, and last but not least property managers are in need of flipping their buildings for students to move in.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned! 

That’s where we come in! Whether you are a property manager or not, there is always a need for a clean and safe living environment, and we’re “here to help”!  From carpet cleaning, all the way to mold remediation, no matter how big or small, SERVPRO has you covered!

Here you can read all about our specialty services when it comes to commercial cleaning!

Call SERVPRO to turn your apartments, your residents will thank you!

The Cat’s Out of The Bag- Pets and Candles Don’t Mix

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

Cat sitting on top of candle with flames in front of it It's not something you see every day...

Picture this: you are snuggled in your living room with your friends after a long day of work. The TV is on and there is a candle lit on the coffee table RIGHT where you can see it for comfort. It seems like having the open flame directly before your eyes would make it safe to enjoy the ambiance of a softly lit candle. That is probably what we were all thinking before things went terribly wrong.


I got my cat Pepper back in February of 2021, though sweet and cuddly, she is curious and loves to cause mischief. They do say curiosity killed the cat… Thankfully she is alive and happy as can be, her tail however, let’s just say it’s not as fluffy and silky soft as it once was.

While we were mid-episode, Pepper jumped up on the coffee table, as cats do. As we know, the candle, Soft Cashmere Amber, to be exact, had also made its home on that same table. Pepper, who I tend to call my “dog cat”, due to her excessive tail wagging, wagged her tail… you guessed it, RIGHT OVER the burning flame of the candle. If you are familiar with how a sparkler on the fourth of July lights up, just imagine that except the screaming and laughter from little children was replaced with the screaming of three very concerned and shocked roommates. Pepper ran, jumped, and hit the floor (a stop, drop, and roll, if you will) causing her tail to miraculously extinguish.


When all was said and done, what we were left with was a very unpleasant smell in our house for a couple of days, and one tail with a limited amount of char. Two things that we gladly took, over what the alternative could have been. A little bit of brushing and some cuddles made Pepper good as new


Sometimes things can go wrong right in front of your eyes, which makes it even more inevitable that disaster can strike at any time and you might not be there to put the flame out in the moment.

In the U.S. alone, candles cause roughly 8,000 home fires. Additionally, candle fires have cause approximately 80 deaths and 700 injuries each year. This number seems to grow rapidly each year.

Keep yourself and your furry friends safe by avoiding burning candles in your home. If you can’t give up that delicate light and fresh smell, follow these tips to avoid becoming a statistic:

  • Never leave an open flame unattended
  • Make sure that the candle is completely out before leaving your home
  • Burn your candle far away from anything that can catch fire, including but not limited to: curtains, towels, blankets, bedding, carpet, books, and furniture
  • Make sure children and pets cannot reach the candle
  • Never move or touch a candle when it is lit


In the event that your best efforts are not enough to keep your home (or pets) from going up in flames, SERVPRO is readily available to help! We have highly trained technicians who have the heart and skill for cleaning up after a disaster, no matter the size!

Balloons, Frogs, Thundersnow, Oh My!

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

Storm with weather guy, rain, and snow You might not believe it until you see it!

Storms can consist of many things. If you have read our blog, “multiple ways to define a storm”  
then you know the vast number of ways that you can explain the term “storm”. What I bet you didn’t know is that storms have some hidden unique attributes. Let me fill you in on all things storm.


Weather balloons are used to predict the weather. Hundreds of large balloons filled with 300 cubic feet of helium are released each day. Meteorologists all around the world use these balloons to help gauge critical measurements. Sensors will shoot data back down to earth while the balloons drift as high as 20 miles above the earth. You can read more about these interesting tools here.


If you are from the Midwest and even if you’re not, you probably are familiar with the term “blizzard” but have you heard of the term “thundersnow”? People tend to think of lighting and thunder as something that only comes with rain and other storms that happen more frequently in the summer. This is true, they do occur frequently in those circumstances, however it can lightning and thunder in the winter. It is commonly referred to as “thundersnow” and happens when a mass of air becomes so unstable that it turns over violently, usually due to two extremely different temperatures meeting.


While thundersnow is pretty unique, the phenomenon of it “raining frogs” may have it beat. It is something we often hear as a witty remark, and some people probably consider it a myth. The truth is, it is actually possible for it to rain frogs. This does not happen often, in fact, one of the last times it rained frogs was in 2005 in Serbia. If you don’t believe us, this article helps explain how it is indeed possible for it to rain frogs. 

Now you know, weather and storms have a mind of their own. Very much like in our own lives, things are not always black and white. The next time a storm rolls through, if the rain creeps into your basement or a tree falls on your roof causing a big mess, call SERVPRO so we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Restoring Contents for a Local Bowling Alley

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Two bowling pins, one with fire damage and one restored The soot from the fire left a lot of equipment in need of restoration

It has been over a year since a local bowling alley burned down due to arson. The fire was meant to be a distraction as some thieves made their escape but the fire quickly took hold of the building causing major fire damage to the property. SERVPRO of Black Hawk County received the call to help.

SERVPRO to the scene 

A few days after the incident, we were on the scene ready to pack up all their contents and set down equipment to begin the process of possibly cleaning the structure. The structure received irreparable damage to the front of the building and the interior walls so our team worked hard to fill dumpsters with debris. The metal roof and some of the exterior walls did stay intact but the building needs extreme construction.

We were able to facilitate some of the structure cleanings by garnet blasting the soot but our biggest role in helping this business was CONTENT CLEANING.


When news got out about the fire, so many customers of the bowling alley quickly contacted the owners to find out about their lockers and bowling balls that were kept there for them. They received the sad news that the fire affected all the content that was inside but the good news was that SERVPRO was taking care of cleaning the content.

For the past year, we have done our best to remove smoke odor and clean off smoke and fire damage from more than 50+ bowling balls, bowling-specific antique décor, and neon signage. This content has been returned to its owners and all the décor that we were able to clean and save will be making their appearances in the new building!