Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Wooden beams and shelves with air movers on the top shelf, in a attic.

Drying Attic After Ice Dam Water Damage

Our team shows ingenuity and pride as they tackle how to dry an attic after an ICE DAM causes water to leak through the roofing system.Project manager, Keith, and technician, Ben, built 6 shelves for our air-movers so as to dry the north side of the roof FAST & EFFICIENTLY. Way to go! If you see signs of water damage on your ceiling, there might be a water leak coming through the roof. Inspect your attic for signs of water leaks or high humidity to avoid further water damage and mold issues.

Green pieces of equipment are placed on top of a blue wrestling mat.

Drying a school's wrestling gym.

We set up a dehumidifier and several air scrubbers on the wrestling mat of this gym because of high humidity and water damage. 

Debris on the floor and desk of a classroom.

Water Damage inside a classroom in Tama County.

Ceiling tiles from a classroom fell onto the floor and desks because of water that seeped in from a damaged roof. The moisture weakened the tile and the material started to crumble. We will pick up all the debris, remove damaged tiles, dry and clean the carpets as well as remove any moisture in the air.

White pickup truck with green trailer in the back is in front of the entrance of a school.

SERVPRO cleans up middle school in Tama County.

We filled up our green trailer with several types of equipment to clean up this middle school. The school received major storm damage after heavy winds blew off the roof. We set up the equipment in several classes and the hallways.

Guest Speaker at the Landlords of Black Hawk County Association

With storms threatening to cause havoc for renters and landlords, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate the community about how we can be of service to them in any disaster.

Starting the education process, we shared at the Landlords of Black Hawk Association’s monthly meeting in April of 2019. Our Project Manager, Evan Meyer, and Marketing Representative, Debbie Robeson, showcased our services and specialty equipment that could be helpful to area landlords.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be a vendor of this organization. 

Drying out behind cabinets after a rainstorm.

The Injectidry system is the way to disperse and circulate air BEHIND things to dry it out. It utilizes a regular air mover by attaching the large “lego look-alike” piece to the front and adding as many hoses as necessary to spread the air around. The hoses focus the air to specific cavities that are wet.

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County drilled holes in the kick plate area of the cabinets to permit the hoses to be positioned for directional air distribution.

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County Helping Neighbors in Des Moines

On July 3rd, SERVPRO of Black Hawk County rushed over to Des Moines to help with water cleanup after receiving 10 inches of rain overnight. Commercial buildings and residential areas alike were swamped with flood water.

We truly feel for all of the individuals affected by the flash flooding.

If you have a loss, give us a call. We’ll do everything in our power to help. Call (319) 268-1521. We’re only a phone call away.

Flash Flooding Strikes In Mason City

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County was called into Mason City to help with a commercial water clean up after flash flooding occurred in the area. Devin, one of our technicians, is using a hard surface squeegee wand to suck up the water that leaked into the building overnight.

The Emergency Response Vehicle's New Home

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County now houses the American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). ERV is used to bring supplies such as water and blankets to disaster areas after devastating storms.

We are happy to provide a service to an organization we love and support.

Flash Flooding Calls for Backup in Mason City

The neat thing about SERVPRO is we are the only company in the restoration industry who works together as a team instead competing against one another. In times of crisis, we actually send crews to needed areas to meet the demand.

In the photo above, SERVPRO of Black Hawk County was called into Mason City to help the SERVPRO there with extensive flooding occurring at the time. We divided and conquered to ensure that everyone got the help they needed.