Water Damage Photo Gallery

A SERVPRO truck with rainbow in the backround

SERVPRO: Where Rainbows Emerge from Watery Woes!

The rainbow that appeared while SERVPRO was on the job is a great testament to how this story ended. The best part?? The person who experienced this flooding and damage has now been a SERVPRO employee for the past couple of years and she is a great addition to our team! Despite the mess that can sometimes come with life, there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm! SERVPRO is here to be your rainbow!

Employees building in the shop

Wall Experiment: Unmasking Hidden Moisture

Scott and Chuck stepped into the construction role for a day to build us our very own "wall experiment"- The wall looks dry, but is it? This portable wall is used to showcase the fact that often times even when your insulation or drywall is saturated from behind, the outside looks dry to the eye. Let's give it up for Scott and Chuck, this demo is such a cool tool for us to help educate!

Injecta Dry Unit with hoses attached to the ceiling

Faulty Toilet Tank

When a faulty toilet leaves a water mess, we intervene! Our team set this up by drilling holes and putting these tubes up into the ceiling which then pushes air into the ceiling cavity and in turn, produces quicker drying time for the drywall as well as the subfloor from underneath. In this particular job, they were able to utilize multiple hoses in different areas all off of one air mover!

Ceiling Tile on commercial carpet and a school sign torn onto the floor with the letters E, F, G.

E, F, G and caved in ceiling tile from a classroom.

Stormwater filled the ceilings and ran down the walls of a middle school classroom. The high humidity loosened signs from the walls and weakened the material of the tile which eventually crumbled to the floor.

Cement flooring covered by several inches of rushing water.

Rushing Water in Basement.

Panic is reasonable when you are watching your basement transform into a water park. We are here to help your panic turn into peace. Our team went to work as they extracted the water, put up several drying equipment, and removed drywall. 

Green air movers lined up in entry.

Air Movers in Waterloo Apartment

The landlord of a local apartment complex in Waterloo called us to assist after a grease fire that turned on the sprinklers system. We responded to the call immediately. 4 floors were affected. We extracted the water and set up equipment to dry.

Just look up and check that ceiling.

Give your neck a good stretch by turning your attention to the ceiling. Check your home or business for any yellow stains. It may be the result of a moisture problem. Whether it's from roof damage or a leaky pipe, prevent higher cost in damage by being observant of your home and dealing with the issue as soon as possible. We are here to help with your water damage needs.

Pots or Buckets are good for collecting water.

This blue bucket collects water coming down from the ceiling. If you don't have a bucket, you can easily use a deep cooking pot and protect your carpet from getting wet. Water can get inside your home from damage in your roof or a full gutter. 

Hole in the roof

The owner is not sure how this hole in the roof happened and even that it was there until he noticed water leaking from the ceiling. What is the condition of your roof? If you have a water leak and need an extraction plus cleanup, give us a call. We are here to help.

Freeze Documents and Photos to Save Them

As an industry professional, we’ve learned the most effective method for saving papers and photos is to place the damaged items in the freezer to halt the damage. It’s not a one-step solution, but freezing the items buys you enough time to stabilize the situation. The trick is to take immediate action, so we have time to decide what documents must be saved and what documents can be tossed.

Frigid Temperatures Lead to Broken Water Pipes

Severe cold temperatures led to a water pipe break at the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber office located in Waterloo, IA.

The loss occurred on a Monday morning, and by the following Monday, the office space was back to being fully functional and operational.

Floor Mat System

Our floor mat system can be used to help dry hardwood floors and potentially save the floors from a more expensive replacement. This equipment removes water from floor boards via dehumidification. A major benefit to this system is the hands off feature; once installed, it can be left alone.

A new member of our water clean-up team: The Desiccant!

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County is happy to have a desiccant dehumidifier as part of our clean-up efforts for water losses in the Cedar Valley & surrounding areas.

It has a sophisticated technique of using desiccant, a material that adsorbs moisture from the air, which is different than absorbs. Adsorbs draws moisture out and it STICKS to the desiccant material commonly in gel form, instead of absorbing it INTO the material.

  • Moisture collects on a Silica gel material.
  • Dry processed air is released into the affected area/room through a hose.
  • The rotor brings soaked desiccant into a “reactivation” air stream where it is heated.
  • As the desiccant dries, it releases its moisture into the reactivation air stream as water vapor which is ducted outside through another hose.
  • The cycle repeats on a continuous basis, providing a constant drying process.

New equipment to better serve you!

All hands on deck needed to dry up a water loss at commercial building in Waterloo, Iowa

The square footage of an area determines the number of air movers and dehumidifiers it takes to adequately dry out the carpet, walls and ceiling of a room that has experienced a water issue. The larger the space, the more equipment is needed.

A commercial building in Waterloo, Iowa, needed SERVPRO of Black Hawk County to bring in 65 air movers and 19 dehumidifiers for over a week to get the wet problem resolved.

This picture is just a small part of the building.

Commercial Water/Fire Loss

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County technician is in the process of extracting water from the breakfast area from a large water/fire loss at a hotel. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."