Cleaning Photo Gallery

A red oriental rug with two green air movers on it.

Restoring this Beautiful Rug!

This imported Iran rug was a pop of color on our gray cemented floors at our warehouse. A customer dropped off this beauty so we can have it professionally washed and dried for them. No problem! The colors looks even more vibrant than when it came in. 

Sharkteeth like pattern on beige carpet.

Sharkteeth pattern on carpet

This carpet looks great! The pattern is called "shark teeth" but don't worry, this carpet won't bite. Our technicians have done an excellent job in stain removal, dry and wet vacuum, as well as deodorizing the carpet. The pattern is created with the vacuum wand that overlays after various sweeps. The pattern is raked out to leave it at its original state.

Spot Cleaning in Catholic School

Before our technician starts to steam clean the carpets, our technician goes around to spray and treat concentrated spots or stains. This will ensure that we take tough stains out and make those carpet are ready for the first day of school.

Carpet cleaning grease spill

Cleaning up a large grease spill on carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Photo was taken during a carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Photo taken during carpet cleaning. We take pride in cleaning the carpet in your home like it was our own!

Carpet Cleaning

Another wonderful carpet cleaning completed by our technicians!