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MB Mold and Air Quality Testing

7/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County really appreciates MB Mold and Air Quality Testing and would recommend them to anyone.

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County really appreciates MB Mold and Air Quality Testing and would recommend them to anyone.


MB Mold and Air Quality Testing is a company out of Dubuque who helps our customers with various indoor air quality issues (IAQ). They serve the Eastern Iowa area—including Dubuque, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls—as well as Southwest Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois area.

How does air quality testing work?

When we have a customer, who has a potential mold problem, we call our friend Bob Vohl, CIE, of MB Mold and Air Quality Testing. Ideally, an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) from MB Mold, will take initial samples when there is a suspected mold issue.

In our case, Bob makes regular trips from Dubuque, IA to take air samples in the home or building that is suspected of mold and also samples the outside environment. Typically, an air sample contains enough air so the results capture an accurate picture of about 600 square feet of the indoor environment. He then sends the samples to a lab and receives the results within 48 hours.

The samples taken outside are just as important as the ones inside the home—if not more. They use the outdoor results as a comparison because mold spores are everywhere—both outside AND inside. Having mold spores in your home or building is completely normal, but if there are more mold spores inside than outside, it indicates there is a source of mold inside the building and there’s a problem.

Wrap it up.

Here’s where SERVPRO of Black Hawk County comes in. We rely on their expertise so we can apply our expertise of remediating the mold problem and returning your building to a state of normal fungal ecology (NFE). The whole remediation process is explained on our website. After the remediation, MB Mold and Air Quality Testing will perform Post Remediation Verification (PRV) testing to ensure that the home or building has returned to NFE. If the results come back with more mold spores outside than inside, then it’s case closed, and we can finish the wrap-up.

How does mold testing work?

Over the counter mold testing kits gives very little information. These test kits require a swab of the suspected material being inserted into a liquid and waiting for a color change. They simply tell you that mold is present, which is normally the case in every building. If you’re concerned a specific piece of furniture has mold on it, this method may be acceptable. However, if you want to know the type of mold, if it is actively growing and most importantly how much of the building has been contaminated with airborne mold spores, we recommend getting an IEP.

From the man himself:

We reached out to Bob and he shared,

“The IEPs from MB Mold and Air Quality Testing have undergone rigorous training and are certified by the ACAC as Council Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIEs).  They are extensively trained in several areas of IAQ in addition to mold, such as; allergen testing, methamphetamine residue, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), avian-bat-rodent droppings and several other IAQ issues.  MB Mold and Air Quality Testing works with residential and commercial customers and their buildings.”

SERVPRO of Black Hawk County really appreciates MB Mold and Air Quality Testing and would recommend them to anyone.

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