Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire in the Bathroom.

Not many will expect a fire to start in a bathroom but this bathroom vent malfunctioned and smoke instantly covered the room. The ceiling had to be removed and ... READ MORE

From Dull to Shine, BYE SOOT!

This vessel went through a very noteworthy restoration! After a fire, we sometimes bring many items to our warehouse where we go through the cleaning and restor... READ MORE

Home suffers fire damage in Waterloo, IA

This is the living room area after a fire. The entire home suffered major fire damage. This home seems almost like a total loss but we are the leading restorati... READ MORE

Disposal of Ashes

As the end of summer draws near, we’d like to address the proper way to dispose of any left-over ashes you may have sitting in your fire pit. Be Safe:Alwa... READ MORE

Saving your most Important Possessions after Disasters

This piano suffered from smoke damage after a house fire. Upon receiving the piano, we wasted no time getting started. The layer of soot on the piano looks like... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Piano Looks Brand New

This piano suffered from smoke damage after a house fire. The rings you see on top of the piano are where items were sitting when the fire occurred. When we rec... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Walls Calls for New Drywall

The smoke from a fire turned the walls black and damaged the drywall significantly. Unfortunately, Drywall is hard to save once it’s been damaged, so in m... READ MORE

Machine Shed fire, Grundy Center

A machine shed filled with heavy smoke and soot after a tire caught on fire and left heavy damage throughout the building. We were able to restore and save many... READ MORE

Machine Shed Fire, Grundy Center

A machine shed in Grundy Center suffered from a fire loss with significant smoke damage. Our whole team stepped up and helped out on all parts of this job. We w... READ MORE

Church Pew Smoke Damage

This pew was in a customer’s garage when a fire loss occurred and left significant smoke damage. This is one of the few items that the family wanted to sa... READ MORE

Table Smoke Damage

Pictured is a table with minimal smoke damage on the flat surface following a garage fire. As you can see, there were items on the table when the fire occurred ... READ MORE


Table was in a garage fire, we were able to clean up the table and made it look "like it never even happened!"